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First real entry in so long

Recently I've come to a few conclusions. So many people are outta control. No one thinks about the consequences of their actions. Its really kinda funny how it all works out. So many people get upset over so many foolish things. My question is when did it become ok to call someone over 50 times in under 2 days? When is leaving 30 voicemails a normal thing to do. I seriously have no idea whats going on with people these days. Most of this is directed at someone who doesn't know of this and the rest is just casual observations. On a lighter note I have stopped caring about what other people think and I wish i had been this way in high school. Everything would have been much easier this way. Its kinda funny how when you stop caring about what others think you feel so much better about yourself and have an amazing amount of confidence.

Well whatever I doubt people read this anyway but if ya do Happy New Year
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