April 9th, 2005

So many silly girls, so little time

It has come to my attention that there is a plethora of foolish girls out there. Not only are the foolish but they are pathetic too. They believe anything you tell them even obvious lies. They contradict themselves often. They looooove to say things and then find ways to change their minds.

Cuddling is another thing that is silly i think. Its only a ploy to steal out heat. I swear to god. i've caught you bitches at your game. its ok though. we have plenty to share just dont let us in on your secrets.

Oh and those girls that thing that having anal sex isn't losing your virginity? shut your mouths. actually no. open them. thats not losing your virginity. if you have sex with a guy in your ass and not in your vagina you are more of a whore than you can possibly imagine

Until next time i love you all

She's Hearing Voices - Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
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