So Funny

So apparently I am hideous. Sweet. If I am a loser its pretty fuckin good. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be cool like people who make comments in this thing. Wow. I feel so incredibly hurt by that its not even right. If some random person honestly thinks that some foolish comment saying that i am hideous or that i needed plastic surgery would make me feel bad about myself they might wanna reevaluate alot of things in their life. Why do I need plastic surgery? To look like the fools in Shoot4Noon? Nah I'm all set with lookin like those idiots. I love how they cheat on their girlfriends with girls less attractive then their girlfriend. Now tell me how stupid are they. Well I'm all done for now unless someone wants to leave more comments so I can laugh some more
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I was told I had to update immediately so here it is. Umm nothing really goin on lately. I'm so tired right now but it will be ok cuz i'll catch up on wednesday. Got yelled at at work today for something i didn't even do. Oh and I'm goin to the red sox game on friday. Pedro vs. Messina. Should be a sweet game. And that should qualify as an entry.
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"I claim this mouth in the name of Incisor!" "I think not" "We meet again bicuspid" "Shall we attack the tongue now" Oh man family guy is so good

2 updates in under a week?

What the hell is goin on? I updated twice in under a week. It almost seems unnatural or something. So today I actually got off my ass and did something. I hung out with John Perakis and his girlfriend type thing, I really have no idea what to say she is. It was good times. Played pool at Jillians, at and saw T3. Not a bad movie but the ending was super-obvious for another one. Oh well. Off to watch more nothingness on TV
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Life Lately

Well I haven't written in this in a while and I feel like i wanna so i will. My life lately has been so utterly and completely boring. I've done nothin but work and then come home. Wicked boring if you've never done it trust me. And to top it off Meghan thinks i've been ignoring her which is so untrue... I would never do that. I've just been fallin asleep early. I'll make more of an effort to talk to her from now on. Maybe we can even hang out soon. So all in all I think I need to start doin stuff again cuz i'm goin crazy here at home everyday. Work really isn't even takin up that much time so I should probably make some sort of effort to do something. In other news my arm doesn't hurt as bad as it used to. I got a new bed. It was about time considering my old bed was over 35 years old.
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mood: hungry
music: Les Claypool Frog Brigade
last same sex famous fuck (or wish): None
last cigarette: actual ciggerette? 12 hours ago
last car ride: umm like 230am or something like that
last kiss: May 2
last good cry: no idea
last movie seen: Outside Providence (right now)
last book read: No idea
last cuss word uttered: fuck.
last beverage drank: milk
last food consumed: oreos
last phone call: Meghan
last disappointment: who knows at this point
last key used: house key
last words spoken: "Julie aint here"
last sleep: last night
last im: Meghan
last sexual fantasy: no idea
last underwear worn: boxers
last shirt worn: white t-shirt
last poster looked at: none... i don't have any up


Heres what I don't understand. I called twice in the last 2 hours. I've been informed that I called 6 times and that caller ID was checked but when I look at my phone I see that I called twice. For those who this concerns you can look at my call log and see. I just don't understand what I did to anger anyone when I KNOW that I didn't call that many times. I was sitting in traffic on my way home from work and then I was home. And being as I am being ignore I felt it necessary to write in here so that my side of this foolishness can be known
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This was easy

You stole this from: meggymay

With the coolest username: xjuggalettex

With the coolest userpics: meggymay cuz i made it for her

With the cutest username: emogirl311

Most likely to comment in your journal: meggymay

You last added:mrmadrox

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Who seems to be on ALL your friends' lists: no one really. meggymay if any

What's the longest you've gone without posting to LJ since the day you signed up: probably 2 weekds

What's the longest you've gone without reading LJ since you discovered it: 2 weeks
How many of your LJ friends do you know in "real life": meggymay cricketorbig_robbiexjuggalettexmrmadroxjedi42pjules34pinkpirategirl

Who is the most intelligent or insightful person you know on LJ: meggymay

Have you ever wanted to meet someone from LJ: emogirl311

Whose journal do you enjoy reading the most: all of em

Which one do you admire:meggymay
Which one has an attitude problem: umm none really

Which one is the funniest: emogirl311meggymay
Which one is the sweetest: meggymay

Which one can you trust the most: meggymay

Which one do you know the best: meggymaybig_robbiejules34

Which one are you most likely to have a crush on: meggymay

Who's the tallest: meggymay or mrmadrox
Who's the shortest: xjuggalettex

Who's the oldest: cricketor

Who's the youngest: jules34

Who do you see the most:jules34meggymaybig_robbie

Prettiest couple: meggymaybig_robbie

Prettiest hair: meggymay

Most like you: meggymaybig_robbie each in such different ways

Ones you'd like to get to know: I know all of em